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How Are We Different?

Our teachers (or “Wizards” as we prefer to call them) are far more than your average language educator. Not only do they all possess the necessary qualifications and experience for the job, but we also select our Wizards by carefully examining what traits make them “come to life.”  

As part of our hiring process, each applicant must demonstrate not only knowledge of the English language and educational methodology, but a passion and enthusiasm for their work. We strongly believe that our Wizards must not only know what he’s teaching, but also love what he’s teaching! 


The Right Wizard for You

Beyond their work, our Wizards posses numerous other hobbies, talents, and skills. Just like you do. Our Wizards have diverse career backgrounds – many were programmers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, salesmen, you name it – before moving to Poland.

Not only do we value our Wizards’ passion and talent in the English language and education, but we also value everything else they’re good at. And that’s because no learner wants to learn English just for the sake of learning it. 

Maybe you’re looking for a Wizard to upskill your employees at an architectural firm. We’ve got Wizards with degrees and careers in architecture for that. Or maybe you’re looking for a Wizard to provide language immersion in a kindergarten classroom. We have Wizards with licenses and experience in childhood education for a job like that! 

No matter you needs, we’re confident that we have a Wizard who can do the job amongst our community. 

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Upskilling & Professional Development

We believe in quality; pushing teachers to be the best they can be. Whether you’re a language school looking to upskill your teachers, or a teacher looking to take your career to the next level, English Wizards’ teacher training academy runs a series of bespoke courses which are inspiring, effective, interactive, and interactive.

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From workshops to full day sessions, we offer a range of courses perfect for training your teachers.

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Online Transitions for Schools

For New Teachers

If you want to begin your teaching journey, English Wizards can help you take your very first steps.

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  • TKT Preparation
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  • 120Hour TEFL Certification

For Experienced Teachers

For those who have experience teaching and want to take their careers to the next level.

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  • Delta Module 1 Preparation
  • Specialisation Courses
  • Online Teaching Course