Language Assistant Program

Our Language Assistant Program has been designed and built on a proven concept that exist around the world. This tried and tested formula has been enriching the lives of millions of students across the globe for over 30 years.

English Wizards has tailored this concept for the Polish market and educational system, and we are excited to be the first!

Here are just a few of the established Language Assistant Programs that we have used to model our program:


Auxiliaries de Conversación
Country: Spain
Established: 1981
Teachers/Year: 5,000

Japan Exchange Teaching
Country: Japan
Established: 1987
Teachers/Year: 5,500

English Program in Korea
Country: South Korea
Established: 1995
Teachers/Year: 1,300

TAPIF Assistants de Langue
Country: France
Established: 1982
Teachers/Year: 4,500

What We Provide


Language Assistants exlusively for your school


24/7 support outside the classroom for Language Assistants


Simple monthly VAT-free payments 


Language Assistants legal to work


Accomodation and living stipend for Langauge Assistants


Readymade lesson materials for the classroom

We run a nursery which requires teachers to work anywhere from 20 hours per week up to 40. Finding natives in Warsaw that are prepared to work with children 1-3 years old was always difficult. Now, with the help of English Wizards, we have far better results getting teachers.


Owner, Baby Steps

Our school runs like a normal full time job. Monday to Friday, 40 hours per week.
Traditionally we have found it very hard for westerners, Native English Teachers especially, to be able to handle this type of work load. English Wizards seems to be able to find teachers and filter them properly so that we enjoy reliability.

School Manager, Mommy Poppins

We’ve been using English Wizards for over a year now and they are great at providing quality native English teachers at very affordable prices.

Owner, Bright Child