Insurance for all Educators

Enjoy your education adventure in Poland with less worry and more room for adventure with English Wizard’s specialized insurance plans. Each plan is meant to help you during your stay in Poland. We offer plans ranging from emergency medical coverage to income protection. With English Wizards, you get much more value than you would if you were to go it alone. Check out our plans today!

Emergency Medical Coverage

For the most tragic accidents that require surgery or a trip to the emergency room. This plan is great for those looking to do some mountain climbing, intense adventure or are simply worried about crossing one of Poland’s busy streets.


150PLN / 6 Months

260PLN / 12 Months

Private Medical Care

Everyone gets sick whether it’s a cold, flu, or an intense allergy season. With private medical insurance, you’ll be taken care of! Whether it’s a simple check-up or something more serious, Luxmed’s private medical insurance plan is here to help you return to work as quickly as possible.



Per Month

Personal Liability Coverage

Working as a teacher in a foreign country can bring you to some exciting workplaces! This plan covers you as a contractor on people’s private property. Feel relief and never worry if the workplace you’re teaching at has insurance.


100PLN/ 12 Months

Personal Income Protection

If you suffer from an accident or are unable to work our personal income protection plan is here to help you navigate through the tough times. Feel relief knowing you’ll be taken care of in the direst situations.


150PLN Per Month