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English Wizards provide the largest community of language specialists & professionals in Poland.

Whether your company is looking for a charismatic face in front of the camera, or a creative head to pen your content, a lively soul to energise your events, or a trusted professional to join your team, our diverse & talented community is here for you; helping you to grow beyond the borders of Poland, and into the wider world.


Team Building & Corporate Events


Copywriting & Content Production


Audio & Video Recording



Team Building & Corporate Events

One of the best ways to create a buzzing and humming work team is for every one to bond!
Creating events that appeal to everyone’s personal interests as well as trigger teamwork overcomes barriers that were once felt within the work place.  The end result is a stronger connection between all and a more efficient and happy team.
City Games – From 60PLN Per Person

Work together to discover the secrets & undercover spies! Educational and fun!
All conducted in English, discover your city in a spectacular way through fun and education! Group size doesn’t matter!
Minimum group: 6 people

Photo Challenge – From 40PLN Per Person

An interactive experience to put even the most prolific selfie taker or social media tycoon! Test your creativity with a race against the clock!
A race against the clock, teams must decipher the instructions, pose and take photos around the city. Points for creativity, shock and humor are just the beginning!
Minimum group: 8

Tours – From 30PLN Per Person

From museums to retro arcade games. We’ve created fun tours with a twist! Learn, discover and play in a different way!
We’ve select the very best museums, arcade venues & nostalgic destinations to provide a very different experience.
Minimum group: 6 people

Pool Comp – From 50PLN Per Person

Who will rise and the be the best! a round robin pool competition with unpredictable results!
All games are in pairs, no two people will ever play together for more than one game! Pizza and with a final show down, who will be the best!
Minimum group: 12 people

Copywriting & Content Production

If you’re looking to produce written content targeting the English speaking world, it is an absolute must that you get help from a native speaker. A native speaker knows now only how to deliver the message, but how to deliver it in a way that sounds “natural” to the reader. 

Ad Copy - 1zł per word
Social media posts, online and print ads, and lots more. If you’re looking to target English speakers, you’re going to want your ads and posts written by a native English speaker. Our copywriters known the ins and outs of advertising in their home countries, and know the right words to use to land paying customers!
Content Writing - 25gr per word
Does your company have its own blog or front-end website that must be written in English? Or perhaps you have newsletters or information guides that require a true command of English.  A native speaker can make the difference between generically machine-translated content and truly authentic content that will capture an audience.
Proofreading - 7gr per word
You can always hire a translator or someone with excellent English to translate written content into English, but even the highest quality professional translations miss out on the authenticity and cultural context of your text. Our natives proofreaders take the time to read every single word to ensure your content sounds perfect to the readers and nothing is “lost in translation.”

Video & Audio Recording

Do you need a British accent for an audiobook? Or perhaps an American accented actor in a video commercial?

Most Polish businesses turn to the Internet when looking for content produced in different accents. But hiring someone online means dealing with someone remotely – and bargaining in price against a stronger foreign currency.

Our native speaking actors are right here in Poland, and are happy to meet clients in person to discuss the details of your project.

Voice Over - From 7,5zł per minute
Our Wizards can record your audio in their native accents for any advertising reason, whether it be a radio advertisement, explanation animations or video dubbing.

Editing is not included from the base price but can be provided.

Audiobooks - From 5zł per minute
Audiobooks are now becoming the standard form for the busy professional. Whether it’s a fictional book, self-help guide, or that important task manual you want to ensure all staff members receive will understand, our Wizards are happy to record it for you.

Editing is not included in the base price but can be provided.

Video - 2,5zł per minute
Send us the talent you’re looking for and we’ll send you profiles of our Wizards that match. Whether you’re looking for a native English speaker to produce a quick video explaining your product, or need someone with an American accent to appear in your short film, we’ve got you covered.


Looking to hire a native English speaker for a full time position?

If your company deals with the English-speaking market, it is an incredibly valuable asset to have native speakears of English on your full-time team. This is especially true in client facing positions such as sales, customer service, and public relations, where hearing a familiar native accent on the other end of the phone can mean the difference between the client making a purchase or moving on to the next company. 

Many of our Wizards have extremely diverse professional backgrounds and are looking for the right job to advance their career in Poland. If you need a native with a specific skillset, let us know and we can work together to develop a targeted recruitment campaign. We will always assist with native’s relocation and provide them with visa support just like we do with all of our Wizards.



Prices from

5% of gross annual salary.

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