About Us

Who We Are

English Wizards is run by a small tight-knit team of professionals from all over the world. Although each one of our team members has a “specialty,” all have a background in ESL teaching and the creative industries. 

We have stood in the same shoes as everyone we work with, and are 100% dedicated to providing the most professional and robust services that Poland has to offer.





Our Mission

At our heart, we are a community of expats, mostly from native English speaking countries, who have come to Poland to do what we do best and support each other in following our path.  As creative & ESL professionals ourselves, we’ve seen the need for support, professional development, and community organization within the industry and have come together to deliver on our promise.

Every year, schools and business in Poland struggle to find quality ESL teachers, and the quality teachers that are around often leave due to the lack of consistency of work and support outside of the classroom. When businesses need creative services such as copywriting or voice recordings in English, they’re frequently forced to outsource the work to more expensive countries such as the UK due to the limited supply of creative native English speakers in the Polish market. English Wizards is working to make these issues a thing of the past. As part of our on-boarding process, we ensure each Wizard that comes to Poland brings not only ESL teaching talent, but also a creative flair. 

Every Wizard in our community has more than just one talent. This is why we say that we offer ‘A Power House of Creative Services’ whenever you work with one of our Wizards.

Language education is changing and so is the way we use language. We see the English language is no longer just a utility, but an art form with infinite possibilities for expansion and expression. We’re here to help you adapt to the realities of today, whether you’re a student, educational provider or company wanting to communicate with a wider global audience using the English language.

Behind the talent, qualifications, and strong performance of every one of our Wizards, they have access to a world class online scheduling, management, and communication system. You will have access to this as well if you’re working with our Wizards to ensure the smooth communication that the 21st century requires.

Every one of our Wizards also has access to a huge online library of resources to not only assist them with their lesson planning, but also to make their classroom more robust and interactive using state of the art teaching material. We also provide world-class teacher training through our training department, heading by a DELTA-certified educator, to ensure that every one of our Wizards is providing top-quality educational services.

Outside of their work, Wizards have access to legal, accounting, immigration, and day-to-day expat support services whenever they need it. We firmly believe that providing robust support services and fully comprehensive information in a coherent manner makes life in Poland far less stressful for expats, which in turn translates to higher performance on the job!

We also firmly believe in the necessity of a work-life balance, especially for our Wizards who are living in a foreign country, far away from their friends and family. This is why we also strive to provide an active and exciting social community and event calendar for our Wizards all over the country.  These events are usually free and open to the general public – so if you’re a language learner, this is an excellent opportunity to practice English with native ESL teachers for free! This is one of our many ways of giving back to our community.

Put all of this together and multiply it by the 300+ Wizards in our community and our round-the-clock support and administrative staff, then you have English Wizards.

English Wizards

By The Numbers

Nationalities Represented

The most common countries of origin of our Wizards are the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and South Africa.

Course Books Available

Our Wizards have access to over 150 professional quality course books in our online resource library. Many have over 300 pages of ESL print materials and virtual materials as well!

Social Events Per Semester

That comes to almost four per week on average, organized by ourselves and our partners in Krakow, and increasingly elsewhere in Poland as well!

Languages Spoken

All of our Wizards speak a native level of English; however many also speak other languages as their first, second, third, or even fourth langauges! 

Happy Clients

Our Wizards have worked at over 200 schools and businesses of all types, all over Poland.

Median Age

We’ve had Wizards as young as 18 and as old as… well our older Wizards prefer not to say exactly. But we have welcomed many Wizards in their 60s and beyond on our programs.

Are You Ready for the Revolution?

Browse all our Wizards that are currently available in Poland, and contact them for free to see who may be the right fit for your project. There is no charge to contact our Wizards – you pay only once the work has been completed and approved.

Post on Our Job Board!

Advertise your job offer for free on our job board with this simple form. The details of every job gets sent to each Wizard via our smartphone app. So simply tell us what you’re looking for, leave your contact information, and sit back and wait to hear from our Wizards!