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Some Community Members

What they Say

Don’t take our word as gospel, check out some happy customers and listen to what they have to say! 

"I've run an English language school for almost 30 years now and I wish English Wizards existed back then! The way they treat and look after teachers outside the classroom is amazing!''"

Kliny School of English

Sylwia Wallis-Korzeniowska

"Every school semester we always struggled to find good native English teachers but English Wizards makes it so easy!"


Vivid School of English

Eilza Skorczyńska – Król

"Finding good quality teachers that are committed to finishing a project are just so easy with English Wizards''

Accent 4 Professional

Agata Ziełó

About Our Wizards

We source our Wizards from all seven continents in order to find the best talent that the world of native English speakers has to offer.  Although the nationality of each Wizard is not important, all of our Wizards are native English speakers or otherwise possess the same fluency and accent as a native Speaker.

The main countries we target are; Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South Africa, UK & USA.

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